Who We Are

The Parking Place, a division of Media Breakaway, LLC, has revolutionized the domain parking and international redirect industry. With our proprietary geo-targeting system, which monetizes 100% of your international traffic, we are one of the leading domain monetization programs in the industry We also have a dedicated optimization team that is constantly reviewing traffic and offers, ensuring the highest RPMs possible for our clients. Our parent company, Media Breakaway is a leader in online performance marketing. Through our divisions; affiliate.com, The Parking Place, Redirect.com and Data Overdrive, we have provided comprehensive performance-based marketing solutions for the past 10 years.

Scott Richter, CEO

Scott Richter is the Founder and CEO of Media Breakaway, LLC, the parent company of The Parking Place which was established in 2001. A lifelong entrepreneur, Scott founded his first company while in junior high school. After high school, Scott opened a group of successful restaurants in the Denver area, before making the move into the internet world in 2000. By 2006, the company's endeavors included one of the fastest growing affiliate networks in the industry (www.affiliate.com) as well as a successful email marketing operation (www.DataOverdrive.com) among its divisions. Today, Scott Richter is one of the most recognized names in online marketing and remains on the cutting edge of the industry. In his free time, Scott enjoys playing hockey and spending time with his twin sons Michael and JoJo.
E-mail: scott@theparkingplace.com

Kacy Manning, Manager of Special Projects

Kacy Manning has been a member of the Media Breakaway team since 2007 when she was hired as a Project Manager for the company's Domain Registrar, Dynamic Dolphin. In 2009 she was promoted to supervisor of Data Overdrive, the company's email marketing division. Most recently in 2011, she was promoted to Manager of The Parking Place and also received the company's prestigious Employee of the Year Award. Kacy now oversees and manages all aspects of The Parking Place. In her free time, Kacy enjoys cheering on the New England Patriots and participating in team and individual sports.
E-mail: kacy@theparkingplace.com

Brian Chase, Manager

Brian Chase has been a valuable member of the Media Breakaway team since 2007. He has worked as a senior affiliate manager with affiliate.com and been involved with The Parking Place since its inception. Brian's diverse skills are now being utilized as Manager of The Parking Place. When he's not optimizing your revenue stream, you might find him skating as a referee for minor league hockey games or in Disney World.
E-mail: brian@redirect.com

Julian Villavicencio, Account Executive

Julian Villiavicencio has been with Media Breakaway since May of 2011. Julian originally began his career with Media Breakaway as a Project Manager, managing all of the company's internal development projects. In his free time, Julian enjoys mountain activities, playing soccer and riding dirt bikes.
E-mail: julian@theparkingplace.com