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Whether you have an underperforming domain portfolio or untargeted traffic, start monetizing your assets today with the highest returns in the business!

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Domain Holders

Whether your domain portfolio contains 5 or 5 million domains, The Parking Place can help to increase your domain monetization with our industry changing parking technology. We offer the highest payouts by using a combination of CPC, CPM and CPA. Our clients have reported increased rates of return up to 400%!

Have Traffic?

If you have international or other untargeted traffic that you're not monetizing, you're losing out. Through Redirect.com, a division of our parent company, Media Breakaway, we can help you monetize lost traffic.

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We are a division of Media Breakaway, LLC, the industry leader in online performance marketing. Through its divisions, affiliate.com, Redirect and The Parking Place, Media Breakaway has delivered comprehensive online marketing solutions for the past 15 years.

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Submit your URL to our system and we’ll serve your pages with relevant ads utilizing a combination of CPC, CPM and CPA offers to maximize your domain monetization and achieve higher RPMs!

  • Domain Parking

    Let us monetize your domains with our industry-changing parking technology.
  • Monetize Domains with CPC, CPM,and CPA Offers

    We offer the highest alternative monetization to traditional PPC.

  • We Accept All Domains

    No bans on domains! Sign up and get started today.

  • Monetize Lost TrafficLet us monetize your international, non-targeted or other non-converting traffic through Redirect.com, a division of our parent company, Media Breakaway.

  • Error/404/
    Instead of using a standard Error/404 Page that generates no revenue, let us redirect and monetize the traffic.

  • Exit Pops
    Let us generate a country-specific exit pop for your page, providing you with an additional source of revenue for your website.

What TPP Users Are Saying

“ After testing multiple platforms for selling my inventory I am happy to say I have found a home with The Parking Place. They have helped me achieve fantastic CPMs over the years ”

Cindy Wettford
Domains Service Solutions

“ The Parking Place gives me more analytics and ways to cut costs and increase revenue. The Parking Place is hands down the best service in the industry. ”

Patrick Anderson
Barn Media

“ Continually add to my portfolio with confidence using The Parking Place. Their intuitive system makes it easy to navigate, edit & report. ”

Gary Thompson
url Kings