How to Use The Parking Place

Domain Parking
Simply add your domains into our platform, point the name servers to The Parking Place and start monetizing your organic and type-in traffic. The Parking Place then geo-targets any users that visit your site, sending them to pages with country specific offers which produce the highest possible EPC for your traffic.

International Redirect
Stop losing revenue on non-converting clicks. If you have non-targeted international traffic, you can start monetizing that traffic with Simply generate an Exclusive Redirect Domain in your account and set it as the geo-redirect for any offers or emails you are running. Traffic will be geo-targeted to a page with country specific offers, generating revenue on previously lost traffic.

Instead of using a standard Error/404 Page that generates no revenue, you can use to monetize the traffic. Simply set-up an Exclusive Redirect Domain in your account and define that link on your web servers as the 404 redirect.

Exit Pops
The Parking Place can also be used to generate a country specific exit pop for when a user leaves your page. Simply generate an Exclusive Redirect Link through your account and add exit pop code with the link to your page. Whenever a user leaves your page, a pop-up appears, giving you an additional source of revenue for your website.

In Text Advertising

Do you have a blog or website filled with content? The Parking Place would like to introduce its newest product, In Text Advertising. Our new technology crawls your site's content, identifying keywords and placing relevant ads within your website content to generate revenue. Getting started is free and easy! Simply create an account, add the code to your website or blog, and watch your revenue skyrocket!